Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in the Eastern Partnership Countries

EU-funded Flagship Initiative increasing disaster risk management capacities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

awareness raising 7PPRD East 1 Communication Strategy aimed to increase public awareness about existing disaster risks along with possible preparedness arrangements to cope with them.

This was achieved on one side through the active dissemination of information among the broader public with a special focus on the knowledge about prevention and mitigation of disaster risks, and on the other side by providing support to the Partner Countries institutions in developing and implementing disaster risk communication initiatives. In particular, the PPRD East 1 produced pilot communication products and provided support to the adaptation of these products to the national contexts and to their dissemination.

The Phase 1 also improved circulation of disaster risk information through the development of journalists’ skills for proper communication of disaster risks to citizens, and the enhancement of the collaboration between media professionals and communication specialists of the national civil protection authorities.

Awareness raising 3After analysis of the outcomes of the short follow-up assessment missions, which were conducted in all Partner Countries in June and July 2015, the PPRD East 2 Programme will focus its activities primarily on development of Partner Countries’ Communication Strategies. Pending the outcomes of discussion with Partner Countries authorities within the National/Country Advisory Group meetings, this development may include provision of expert support for design and implementation of awareness raising initiatives, identification of thematic priorities and targets, definition of objectives, messages and combination of media, building of international synergies and collaborations with other national risk communication players, support in development of a national campaigns targeting families, schools, community preparedness, etc.

The Journalist Network (JN) developed during the Phase 1 of the PPRD East Programme has been re-activated and will be further developed through organisation of thematic activities to improve and increase involvement of media in civil protection in general, and in the PPRD East 2 in particular, and in making the media to better understand the specifics and complexity of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Disaster Risk Management (DRM). 

(In the pictures of Sergej Anagnosti, an awareness raising exercise conducted in Turin, Italy)