Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in the Eastern Partnership Countries

EU-funded Flagship Initiative increasing disaster risk management capacities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.


The PPRD East 2 Programme Work Plan includes the design, preparation, implementation, and evaluation of one full-scale field exercise in line with the exercises taking place within the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

Full-scale field exercises organised under the EU CP Mechanism aim to establishing a common understanding of international cooperation in civil protection assistance, to verifying common procedures and improving the response in major emergencies.

The full-scale exercise will be the culmination of the civil protection training programme under PPRD East 2. The Programme has conducted four basic training courses, two operational management courses, and two advanced training courses. The programme has also conducted table-top exercises in each Partner Country, and one Regional Table-Top exercise (RTTX) involving all the six Partner Countries, the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) in Brussels, and three EU member states (Czech Republic, Denmark, and Romania). The RTTX served as a command-post lead in to the full-scale field exercise, being based on the same exercise scenario – an earthquake causing collapse of buildings and flooding in Moldova.  Through two planning conferences and close cooperation between the Civil Preparedness and Emergency Situations Service (CPESS) of Moldova and the PPRD East 2 experts, the full-scale field exercise will provide invaluable learning opportunities for all participants involved in assistance interventions on the work of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (including the implementation of EU Host Nation Support guidelines) and on international principles, tools and methods used during emergencies and international deployments.

The 4-day exercise, named EU MOLDEX 2017, will take place in September 2017 near Chisinau, Moldova. It will be based on a possible disaster scenario requiring a full set of civil protection operations, from urban search and rescue, to flood containment and flood rescue, to implementation of safety measures in case of accident involving hazardous materials, from camp set up to the establishment of an international coordination mechanism.

These actions will enhance operational cooperation and coordination among the intervention teams, test the provisDSC_3039ion and receipt of civil protection assistance via the Mechanism using Host Nations Support Guidelines, and enhance the interoperability of equipment, command/coordination structures and communication tools from different beneficiaries.

The exercise will involve specialised civil protection teams from all Partner Countries and three Union CP Mechanism Participating States (Czech Republic, Denmark, and Romania). Also an EU Civil Protection Team will be activated, as will evaluators, team trainers, and exercise control.  An observers’ programme will be prepared for representatives of Partner Countries, the EU Commission, of EU Member States and the media.

A Lesson Learned Conference foreseen in early 2018 will evaluate the exercise and identify recommendation for further work on plans, procedures, mechanisms and regulations in the Eastern Partnership region.