Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in the Eastern Partnership Countries

EU-funded Flagship Initiative increasing disaster risk management capacities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Civil Protection is the cooperation cornerstone of the EU Eastern Partnership Programme. PPRD East 2 is working to extend EU civil protection cooperation initiatives to Eastern Partnership countries opening the way to their increased involvement in the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

EU Member States have very different national civil protection systems in terms of mandate, organisational model and operational capacities. However, with the support of the European Commission, they have established a well- functioning framework for cooperation in the area of disaster prevention, preparedness and response. This framework of cooperation is called the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. It includes not only all the EU Member States, but also other European countries, which have signed an agreement with the EU. Through the Mechanism, civil protection institutions share information and good practices, establish a modular set of disaster response capacities, set up common policy goals and guidelines, establish Europe-wide early warning systems and monitoring tools, and coordinate their response to major emergencies, inside or outside Europe, through the EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre in order to achieve a more efficient and effective disaster response and demonstrate EU solidarity.

The “new” Union Civil Protection Mechanism, established with the Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council, No 1313/2013/EU of 17 December 2013, makes available increased resources and new cooperation tools to EU Neighbourhood Countries (from the East and from the South) thus preparing the ground for more solid regional partnerships. In this framework the work of the PPRD East 2 Programme is a key driver for stronger international cooperation in the EU Eastern Partnership region and the activation of new available tools.