Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in the Eastern Partnership Countries

EU-funded Flagship Initiative increasing disaster risk management capacities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The Programme is technically managed and implemented from the Regional Office established in Kyiv, Ukraine:

7/14 Akademika Bogomoltsa St, office 101, Kyiv 01024, Ukraine,
Phone +380 44 253 2343
Fax +380 44 253 0847.


A dedicated Programme office has been established within the DEMA premises in Birkerød, Denmark.


The Programme is managed, from the contracting authority, from the EU Delegation to Ukraine in close cooperation with DG ECHO and DG NEAR of the European Commission in Brussels, and from the contractor (backstopping team):

  • Ms Tine Overby, Project Director, Copenhagen
  • Ms Anca Andreescu, Senior Project Manager, Brussels
  • Ms Caterina Cigala, Project Manager, Brussels,
  • Ms Chiara Bartolucci, Project Assistant, Brussels,
  • Ms Galina Sidelkovska, Project Assistant/Office Manager, Kyiv,


The Programme is implemented by the Key-Expert Team:

  • Mr Sergej Anagnosti, Team Leader,
  • Mr Michael Elmquist, Civil Protection Key Expert,
  • Mr Antonín Petr, Capacity Building Key Expert,

and specialised Non-Key Experts:

  • Dr Marco Massabo, Flood Risk Management and DLD Collection and Processing Expert
  • Dr Roberto Rudari, ERRA and Data & Information Sharing Expert,
  • Ms Nataša Holcinger, Disaster Risk Assessment Expert,
  • Dr Giorgio Boni, Flood Hazard Expert,
  • Dr Davide Miozzo, Volunteerism in Disaster Risk Management Expert,
  • Dr Tatiana Bedrina, Flood Risk Management and DLD Collection and Processing Expert
  • Dr Luca Cenci, GIS Expert,
  • Ms Anastasiya Nurzhynska, National Communication Strategy Expert,
  • Ms Veronique Ruggirello, Information and Media Expert,
  • Mr Esa Ahlberg, Exercise Team Trainer,
  • Mr Philip Langdale, Exercise Team Trainer,
  • Mr Ville-Veikko Pitkänen, Exercise Team Trainer, ville-veikko.pitkä
  • Mr Alan Pellove, Exercise Team Trainer,
  • Mr Vlad Petre, Exercise Team Trainer,
  • Mr Martin Thomsen, Exercise Team Trainer,
  • Mr Thorbjørn Nesjan, Exercise Safety and Security Advisor,

As a mechanism to secure effective and efficient exchange of information in Partner Countries, the Programme has established the network of Local Coordinators. The role of local coordinators is to contribute to the overall communication and coordination between the expert team and national stakeholders, among the national stakeholders as well as between the consortium and national service providers. Local Coordinators will provide “on the ground” logistic, administrative and technical support and will serve as an executive administrative support to the National Advisory Groups. Local Coordinators are:

  • Ms Karine Taslakyan, Armenia,
  • Mr Tarlan Arzumanov, Azerbaijan,
  • Ms Elena Kachynskaya, Belarus,
  • Mr Kakhaber Mamuladze, Georgia,
  • Ms Iordanca-Rodica Iordanov, Moldova,, and
  • Ms Olena Goryeva, Ukraine,