Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in the Eastern Partnership Countries

EU-funded Flagship Initiative increasing disaster risk management capacities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

In continuation of the series of consultative meetings, the team of experts from PPRD East 2 visited on 24-25 April 2018 Ukraine to discuss the implementations of lessons learnt from the participation in the Regional Table-Top Exercise in March 2017 and the full-scale field exercise EU MOLDEX 2017 in September 2017. Ukraine had experienced that its role as transit country for the team from Belarus had been played satisfactorily, but that their Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team needed to adapt its training programme towards the international guidelines and to include some language training. The PPRD East 2 experts had the opportunity to visit the training facilities for the USAR team outside Kyiv.