Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in the Eastern Partnership Countries

EU-funded Flagship Initiative increasing disaster risk management capacities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The regional workshop on Disaster Loss Data was held in Chisinau, Moldova on 7-9 July 2015. The workshop is one of the first actions focusing on improving national disaster loss data collection and processing Partner Countries.

The main aims of the three-day workshop were to:

  • present EU and international approaches for collecting, recording and sharing disaster loss data on the base of the guidance documents and guidelines developed by the Join Research Centre of EU;
  • share the experience of selected Member States and the current practices in Partner Countries in relation to legal and institutional framework, methodologies and tools for collecting, processing and sharing disaster data;
  • initially identify main gaps and possible improvements of current systems in Partner Countries and consult on the potential support that can be provided by PPRD East 2 Programme on this thematic topic; and
  • present existing IT tools for recording and processing disaster loss data and to elaborate draft recommendations for further development of the Electronical Regional Risk Atlas in connection with disaster loss data collection and processing.

A total of 25 participants from Partner Countries were present, 4 experts for the country delegations of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and 5 participants from the hosting country Moldova. The country delegations were formed by:

  • 3 experts working with disaster loss data collection and processing, and multi-sectoral (civil protection, finance, health, housing, agriculture, transportation, environment, etc.) damage assessment of man-made and disasters caused by natural hazards and
  • 1 expert experienced in ERRA development and ERRA use for strategic planning.

Participants represented various national institutions and departments such as different divisions of national civil protection authorities, Environmental Protection Agencies, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture and Food.